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Mötley Crüe's farewell tour to end in Vancouver
Rockers Mötley Crüe have announced that they will retire from the music biz, however not without a stop off in Vancouver BC. The chart topping band will end their road trip on November 21st 2014 at Rogers Arena, with specialist guest Alice Cooper!  “Everything must come to an end!” said drummer Lee in the press release. “We always had a vision of going out with a big f—ing bang and not playing county fairs and clubs with one or two original band members! Our job here is done!”

Tickets are not yet on sale through the box office, however Discount Ticket Service has you covered! Guarantee yourself a seat for as little as $63.00 per ticket and watch history in the making. The notoriously hedonistic, law-breaking rock crew is one of the best-selling bands of all time, having sold more than 75 million albums worldwide, do not miss your chance to attend. Other Canadian dates include Edmonton (Nov. 18) and Calgary (Nov. 19). Support on the tour will be provided by shock rock legend Alice Cooper.

Do not miss your chance to see history in the making. This is an event you will not want to miss.

Do not miss your chance to see history in the making. This is an event you will not want to miss.

Are you a big Motley Crue fan? I thought so, make sure you pick up a copy of The Dirt, – the outrageous, legendary,no-holds-barred autobiography of Mötley Crüe. Which is available on Amazon for only $11.44 + shipping . Click “Buy Here” to buy you copy from Amazon.  Buy Here

Celebrate thirty years of the world’s most notorious rockband with the deluxe collectors’ edition of The Dirt—the outrageous, legendary,no-holds-barred autobiography of Mötley Crüe. Fans have gotten glimpses into the band’s crazy worldof backstage scandals, celebrity love affairs, rollercoaster drug addictions,and immortal music in Mötley Crüebooks like Tommyland and TheHeroin Diaries, but now the full spectrum of sin and success by Tommy Lee,Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, and Mick Mars is an open bookin The Dirt. Even fans alreadyfamiliar with earlier editions of the bestselling exposé will treasure this gorgeous deluxe edition. Joe Levy at Rolling Stone calls The Dirt“without a doubt . . . the most detailedaccount of the awesome pleasures and perils of rock & roll stardom I haveever read. It is completely compelling and utterly revolting.”

Watch trending Motley Crue videos

    Motley Crue live 8/4/12

     Live in Moscow. 05.06.2012. Video made by Oleg Warvar

    Motley Crue members Tommy Lee & Nikki Six talk about the craziest things they have ever seen a fan bring into a concert.

Motley Crue first came onto the scene back in 1981The group was founded by bass guitarist Nikki Sixx and drummer Tommy Lee, who were later joined by lead guitarist Mick Mars and lead singer Vince Neil. As you can see, over the years the band must have brought on a full time stylist.

Fan reviews – Motley Crue

“Great Show”
I went to this show thinking that I would just sit through Motley Crue waiting for Kiss to come on. However, Motley Crue was every bit the show that Kiss was. I think they might have played longer and definitely had a lot more going on in their show. Tommy’s upside down drumming was amazing. Mick Mars is still a great guitar player even though he looks like he can’t really move. Nikki Sixx looks like he is still 30 years old even though he has been dead before! Vince Neil…what can you say about a guy that breaks his foot and continues the show for 1.5 hours+ after that?! Great job guys!

Kiss. There’s nothing to say beyond it was KISS! While I don’t like that Ace Frehley is not playing with them, Tommy does an amazing job. The band has never sounded so “tight” live in concert. Remarkable really. Everything Kiss did was predictable, but it’s all what the fans come to expect. Paul flew out right over our heads. THAT was cool!
Favorite moment: Tommy’s drum solo and Paul Stanley flying out to the platform.
Opening act(s): The Treatment

“Awesome!!!”I knew this show would be good but had no idea it would be GREAT!! I love to be entertained and that’s exactly what these guys did, both, MC and Kiss!! Kiss was incredible and I didn’t know what to expect since Van Halen was such a let down and so I went with no big expectations and boy was I and my 6 friends pleasantly surprised. All the videos in the background, the flames and cannons going off and of course Paul Stanley taking flight on a high wire to a raised stage in the center of the audience…truly amazing and they sound so clear and not distorted, although MC did at times sound a bit distorted as I think their speakers were just a little too loud and drowned them out at times. You must see this show!!

Favorite moment: The finale…cannons going off, the members being raised up on scissor lifts and all the confetti shooting out of the sky!!

“Motley Rocks the joint!”Motley Crue remained true to the rock legends they are and totally rocked the house, sold out audience, played all the hits and put on an excellent show. This was my 2nd time seeing the Crue and my Daughters 1st time. Both very happy, we will see them again.

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Discount Ticket Service
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For many, the recession has hit hard on many fronts: employment, housing market, and investments. This is all thanks to those beloved US banks we keep hearing about. In the last decade, we’ve undergone about 2-3 recessions and we’re still working on recovering. The great divide between the have’s and the have-not’s is continuing and will continue for many years to come. How do we protect ourselves? How do we take back the control that has been unfairly inflicted on us by those who had so much power? We educate ourselves and we do so from those who have made it through the last decade despite the economic turbulence experienced globally.

This is my disclaimer: I’m in no way a financial expert and if you decide to do anything based on information in this article, it will be at your own risk. What I’m disclosing here is what works for me. It may or may not work for you. I must also insist that you educate yourself and do your homework before taking any steps. Once again, this article is about what worked for me; what worked for me may not necessarily work for you.

What prevented me from losing more than I had and claiming bankruptcy? It was easy! I knew when to get out and when to watch from the sidelines. I knew when to switch from volatile investments to investments with guaranteed returns. The only way I could have gained any knowledge was through education. I read books by Robert Allen, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, and T. Harv Eker. There are SO many books and audio programs out there and a lot of it is FREE!!! Some of the books I read are: Rich Dad Poor Dad, Cashflow Quadrant: Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedom, Rich Dad’s Retire Young, Retire Rich, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Speedwealth, Multiple Streams of Passive Income, and Why We Want You to Be Rich.

Aside from reading books, I also attended a few seminars. The two I HIGHLY recommend (and are available in Vancouver at least twice a year) are: Fast Track to Cash Flow and the Millionaire Mind Intensive. Here’s the kicker: both are absolutely free — no strings attached!!! These two courses changed my life in so many ways.

The first course, Fast Track to Cash Flow, focuses on Robert Kiyosaki’s books and how to become financially free (that means making money without having to go to work) in 5 years or less. Aside from learning about how to use the housing market to your advantage in ANY situation, you get to network with like-minded people. Two heads are better than one and synergy leads to success. The 2-day course starts in Vancouver on March 16th. You can register simply by clicking here.

The Millionaire Mind Intensive helps you overcome the psychological barriers that have prevented you from reaching your true potential. In this course, you will learn principles and tools that you can apply to all areas of your life from the financial aspect to the relational aspect. I first took this course in 2004 and am still using many of the tools I learned back in 2004. These tools have helped me improve my financial situation by over 10 times and have helped me improve the relationships I have with my family and friends. This 3-day course comes to Vancouver on March 1st so get your seats now before it sells out.

Some experienced investors religiously abide by the principle of Diversify. Others state that “diversify” = DIEversify. As with most things, I combined the two views: I diversified by switching from risky investments to low-risk investments and diversified in the area of these low-risk investments. Risky investments include the stock market, commodities market, and the currencies market. Lower-risk investments are usually considered as term deposits, GICs, mutual funds, precious gems and metals, and real estate. It’s really up to you how you want to get your first $1M. All investors will agree on one thing though: your first million is the hardest to acquire. Once you get that first million, the next million will be much easier to get.

My final words are: never stop growing. By “growing”, I mean learning, experiencing, and trying new things. If you have any questions about any of the information on this article, feel free to email me and I will be happy to provide any information I can. Don’t forget to buy those mutual funds before you file your taxes! This year’s mutual fund purchase deadline for Canadians is February 28th!

Good luck and see you at the top!