What is Foodie Card? Can I benefit from it?

What is a Foodie Card?

Vancouver’s newest Diners Club Card

Bringing you 2 for 1 meals or 50% OFF the food bill at all of our partner restaurants.

The My Foodie Card Story:
I first heard of Foodie Card via a Groupon special. The offer was approx. $40 for a one year membership with Foodie Card, the regular price was $99. A 2 for 1 deal or 50% off is a great deal, but I thought to myself, ” is there a catch?”

Upon checking out the Foodie Card website I found a free 2 week trial period. I took advantage of the trial period and waited for my card in the mail. I was very pleased with how quickly it arrived. However that is where my excited derailed.

I used my Foodie Card at Left Coast in Kitsliano (www.left-coast.ca) The menu looked great; the atmosphere was really nice as well. One of the few negative factors was having to listen to the owner of Left Coast talk about his failed relationship. It really detracted from the romantic evening I was trying to have. Not only that, the restaurant was poorly ventilated and I found myself eating in a cloud of smoke from the kitchen. When finished my meal I went to utilize my Foodie Card and the owner of the restaurant was not sure how to process a Foodie Card transaction, this resulted in a 10-15 minute delay in having our bill processed. This upset me, as I called in advance to notify the staff that I was a proud Foodie Card holder and this was my first Foodie Card experience. The owner of the Left Coast responded I was also his first Foodie Card holder and he did not know how to process a Foodie Card transaction. Instead of taking time to understand the promotion, while I ate, he was complaining to another patron regarding his past relationship.

It was very embarrassing to fight with someone to use my Foodie Card. I finally told the owner to charge me a specific dollar value and if this value was to low he could charge my credit card for the difference. This was a very poor first experience.

My next experience was at Vera Burger on Boardway near Granville St. I visited this specific location as the Foodie Card announced this location as their newest participant. Upon arrive, I was told that their computer system was not set up to accept Foodie Card holders at this time. Which contradicted what Foodie Card had told me. Instead of giving me 50% off they stated that they cannot give me a discount and that I needed to pay full price. What a joke! Being hungry I did however pay the full price.

My following Foodie Card experience was at Vera Burger again. This time I called in advance to ensure the program was fully up and running and that I would not get scammed again. I was surprised that the staff did not ask to see my Foodie Card, rather just took my word I was a cardholder. Not only that, but when they processed the bill they charged me full price and tried to convince me that the price was in fact correct. I am sorry but 50% tax is not correct. Finally they corrected the issue, but had I not noticed I would have once again been overcharged.

The end result:

I cannot recommend Food Card to anyone. On paper, it sounds like a good idea. However in reality, the card was more of a headache. I should not have to fight to receive the discount associated with the card. It is possible to save money with Foodie Card; it just depends on what you value more, money or your time. I think I may have become a Foodie Card member to soon. The number of restaurants participating is very small and it just has not taken off yet, in my opinion. It is a company that I would come back to at a later time, but right now I just do not see the value in Foodie Card.

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