giovane cafe

giovane cafe

These are just a couple of the many words that I’d use to describe the one and only Giovane Cafe + Winebar located in Vancouver, BC at the Fairmont Pacific Rim. If you love baked goods, desserts, a good coffee, or just a casual place to get to know somebody better, this is a place you must absolutely visit!

My girlfriend is a picky person with really high standards. She doesn’t like to try new things so going to new places requires a bit of convincing and can sometimes be like pulling teeth. I think this is because she usually has terrible experiences with new restaurants (the food isn’t prepared correctly or as she ordered it, the service would be lacking, etc.). In addition, there are quite a few foods she can’t eat and even more that she doesn’t like, so if she says a place is good, the place by all others’ standards would be amazing. After our dinner at Kobe’s, I was surprised by her spontaneous suggestion to try ANOTHER new place.

Atmosphere/Ambiance: This place is beautiful at night. There are fake candles on each table and along the counter by the window. The lighting is perfect: not too dark that you need to strain to see and end up with a headache but not too bright that the lighting is not romantic. The music the perfect volume: quiet enough for you to hold a decent conversation with the person sitting across the table from you without having to yell but loud enough for you to be able to make out what the song is. There was live music at another lounge/bar that was attached to the hotel lobby which was really loud but the music didn’t start until around 9:30pm. The staff did partially close the cafe doors to help block out the loud music.

Service: It was great! The cashier suggested that we take a seat and offered to bring us our desserts so we didn’t have to wait at the counter or carry all the items to the table ourselves.

Food: YUM!!!! We ordered the peanut butter hedgehog. Originally, we were going to bug the server and exclaim “this doesn’t look like what’s in the display case” based on the assumption that they were going to give us a slice off the one in the display case but we ended up getting a miniature one that looked exactly like the one in the display. This dessert was really rich but not too sweet. We weren’t able to finish the hedgehog so we ended up packing it home. We also ordered a hot chocolate but it wasn’t really good for the reason that it was grainy. The grainy quality is likely attributed to the more natural quality of the beverage…something we’re not too used to. Other than desserts, this cafe also serves sandwiches, pasta, salads.and even breakfast from 6:00am to 11:00am. For those employee appreciation parties, birthday celebrations, or regular meetings, why not give their catering service a try?? They deliver to the downtown Vancouver area and their prices are reasonable.

Rating: As you may know by now based on our other posts, I rate restaurants based on whether I would visit it again and how often I would visit it again. This restaurant gets a 10 out of 10! The food (despite the hot chocolate, which we attribute to something we’re not used to), atmosphere, and service were absolutely divine! If I lived closer to this place, I’d be here every day trying new desserts. But since I don’t, it’s a good thing we ordered a couple lemon meringue tarts for the road.

If you’ve already eaten at Giovane, please share your experiences with us. We’d love to hear from you!


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