Send A Picture & Be Apart of Alicia Keys Vancouver Concert

Grammy award winner Alicia Keys is having one heck of a year! She’s made headlines at the Superbowl, the NBA all-star game, & now with Blackberry.

Following the debut of the Blackberry 10, Blackberry announced Alicia was the company’s new global creative director. As apart of her new campaign, Keys is asking fans to submit photos of themselves that will be included in future music videos, which she’ll play as part of her upcoming tour which of course includes a stop in Vancouver March 8th.

Keys promises every city on the tour will have its own unique video which will made up from pictures submitted from the respective city. So if you’re a big Alicia Keys fan and want to be apart of concert, literally – start sending away!

Keys recommends you submit photos via BlackBerry’s Keep Moving hub, however, you don’t need to have a BlackBerry device to participate in the contest — you can use any camera to shoot pics. The only technical requirement is to submit the photos through the Keep Moving site.

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