Arriva Ristorante – Pasta for Lunch??

Posted: February 22, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Arriva Ristorante Italiano

Today, I decided to go out for lunch and since I was craving Italian food for the last week. My friend suggested that we try out this restaurant in Little Italy on Commercial Drive in Vancouver, BC. I must say that this restaurant was not too bad.

We started off w/ the bruschetta. I’m not a big fan of fresh tomatoes and yes, I fully understand the irony of eating at an Italian restaurant since there’s tomato sauce in virtually everything…it’s really not the same. Anyway, the bruschetta was to die for; it was absolutely DELICIOUS!! I highly recommend this appetizer to everybody. It had the perfect amount of diced tomatoes and I believe there was either oil or butter on the bread. The best part was that the bread wasn’t too thick nor was it too hard so it didn’t scrape my gums with each bite I took.

I chose to have the spaghetti polpette (spaghetti in tomato sauce with meatballs). The spaghetti was perfectly cooked — not soggy and not too hard, not too bland and also not too salty. I wish there was a LOT more sauce (I love my food drenched in sauce) and that the meatball had a bit more flavour/seasoning than just the taste of beef meat.

What’s a meal without dessert and what better dessert from an Italian restaurant than tiramisu? I thought that you can’t really go wrong ordering an Italian dessert from an Italian restaurant but boy, was I wrong. Perhaps it’s the case that I’m used to the tiramisu that you get from the supermarket bakery but this dessert was a disappointment for many reasons including: the portion was small for the price and it didn’t look appetizing. The good part was that it wasn’t TOO sweet nor was it too rich so finishing the dessert was easy.

Overall, I would rate this restaurant 4/10. The service was pretty bad and can be comparable to your cellphone service reception as you drive up to Whistler or through the Rocky Mountains; it just took a while for us to get a refill on the water and the bill. The server was, however, cordial and polite. The food was okay but a bit on the pricey side considering the portions. My favourite part of the meal, other than catching up with a long-time friend, was the bruschetta. I would not return to Arriva Ristorante for a while as there are many other great Italian restaurants in the near vicinity.

Despite my experience, I would still recommend others to give this restaurant a try if you’re the adventurous type:


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