Qoola - Frozen Delight! Great Pre-Event Snack

Qoola Frozen Yogurt Bar (Metrotown, Burnaby)

Qoola Yogurt & Fruit is a popular frozen yogurt joint with locations around the Lower Mainland. I highly recommend Qoola for a pre-event snack; it’s great because it’s nice and light.

Similar to Menchies, Qoola is a self-serve establishment where you choose your flavor of fro-yo and pick as many or as few ingredients as you like. They offer a varied selection of toppings including fresh fruit cut every morning and gummy bears. Your bowl is charged by weight so be careful if you have a heavy hand! Make sure your eyes are not hungrier than your stomach or pocket book.

Qoola only serves genuine frozen yogurt made from 100% natural ingredients and packed with live and active cultures. With its creamy texture and sweet ‘n’ tangy taste — you’d be happy to learn it’s fat-free, gluten-free, and certified kosher frozen yogurt. Not into fro-yo? Try one of their organic whole grain waffles (Wannawafel) or signature crepes, which are both made from scratch.

You can feel good about frequenting Qoola as the company is proudly Canadian and supports fellow Canadian producers and vendors. Additionally, it’s an eco-friendly shop where they maintain a constant initiative to reduce unnecessary waste by offering biodegradable, compostable and recyclable products.

Check it out the next time you’re craving a light and tasty treat! On my recent visit today, there was a promotion in which my Qoola was free with the purchase of a $20 gift card! Since I’d be going back there again, I couldn’t go wrong.

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