Hockey fans are familiar with the terms “enforcer” and “goon.” They’re reserved for guys on their respective NHL teams you, quite frankly, don’t want to mess with. They’re guys that play tough defense and aren’t going to back down. And of course, in the goon’s case, they play the role of enforcer and the guy that protects the star player of his squad.

But is all the violence in hockey necessary? Sure, checks and bumps are part of the game, but blatant, malicious hits, particularly to the head, aren’t always enforced –even in a more concussion/brain injury conscious sports world. I truly believe that tonights game was to violent. 3 fights in one game, in a matter of minutes…comon guys!!

Don’t forget that you are role models for young players in the minors and WHL. Play the game, fighting isn’t hockey..

Hockey is a great game, but do we really need fighting when there’s mixed martial arts and boxing that has that stuff sanctioned in its own venue? Do we need an outcry or something really bad to happen for the NHL to be like the NFL and make a judgment on what’s a dirty hit or what’s not? Arguing “that’s the way hockey’s always been” shouldn’t be valid in 2013 when sports and brain injury research continues to evolve.

Do you think hockey is too violent?


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