Time to kill? Fill your mouth!

Yesterday, I had about 2 hours I needed to kill before the Vancouver Canucks vs Minnesota Wild game and I was scratching my head wondering what to do. I had heard, through the grapevine, of a great fondue joint to check out. I am glad I did.

Capstone Tea & Fondue (1429 Robson St Vancouver) was a great a place to kill some time, pre-hockey game, and to satisfying your hunger. I think it must have brought the Canucks some good luck based on the fact that they beat the Wild.

My girlfriend and I ordered the “Chocolate Fondue for two” which was more than plenty. Not only were the portions generous, the food was delicious. We were also very lucky to receive free cheesecake cubes, compliments of the manager of the Robson St location.

I personally do not like chocolate that much, having won the chocolate lottery a such a young age. That is no joke, I won approx. 10,000 chocolate loonies at the ripe age of 8 and consumed all of them in a week. The chocolate was amazing, not too light and not too dark; not too sweet and not too bitter. The fruits were so sweet and amazingly fresh! The Ice-cream truffle centers were life changing! The caramel bit toppings are a must-have. Other than chocolate fondue, they also offer cheese fondue, teas, and smoothies to compliment whatever your craving may be. It was truly the best way to spend an hour or two prior to your favorite event.

I highly recommend this fun, affordable, delicious treat to anyone looking to share some quality time with a loved one. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so I am sure they are booking up quickly. Don’t miss out!


Discount Ticket Service
Vancouver’s #1 Ticket Source
1 (866) 459-9233


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