So happy that hockey is back!! If you are looking for tickets check us out!

Tickets as low as $60.00.

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Skates, Cycs, and Swims


Hockey, hockey, hockey!!!! It is so awesome that it is back, and I have definitely been spending a lot of time watching the men in blue kicking some serious butt. As I think is fairly clear, I am a huge Canucks fan, and have been for years. It is hard to love them, occasionally, but I remain faithful. So here is a recap of the past couple of games.

Monday night was a battle between two great Canadian teams. The Edmonton Oilers have a good core of young guys that are beginning to understand just how one another work on the ice. While I did not have access to a T.V. I most certainly had access to updates. A slower start than usual left the Canucks hurting early on, giving Edmonton a one-goal lead after the first period and a short-handed goal a little later in the second. But I…

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