Know what you are buying!

Posted: February 8, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Know what you are buying!

We have all seen scalpers outside and in front of venues. Many have asked “Is this legal?” and “Is it safe?”

Let me put some of these concerns to rest. In Vancouver, scalping is legal. However, you must be careful who you buy from. I personally recommend going through a broker, such as myself. Ticket brokers must adhere to specific rules and regulations whereas scalpers operate under a system without any checks-and-balances whatsoever. This being said, I have seen some amazing ticket deals on the streets.

Ask yourself: “can I afford to get ripped off for a screaming deal?” I’m not saying there aren’t great deals to be had from unregulated sources, I’m just saying: be careful. Can you afford the gamble of spending money on tickets that might not get you in the door for that once-in-a-lifetime experience you planned and have been looking forward to? If you want to buy off a scalper, feel free to email me personally and I would be happy to recommend some reliable and honest scalpers:

If buying from a scalper is not something you can afford risking, let me be your first choice for setting you up with amazing legitimate tickets to sold-out events at reasonable prices. In fact, we are so confident that the tickets you buy through us will get you in the door that we offer a 125% guarantee!! Have you ever heard of a business refunding you your ticket purchase price PLUS an additional 25% because they believe in their product so much??


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